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10 benefits of having a SocialWally social media wall

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

We believe that the success of your social media marketing, sales and support depends on to what extent you can involve your employees, visitors or other stakeholders. To give your social media an extra boost, SocialWally offers a solution. Still doubting whether you should have this innovative social media broadcasting tool? We summed up the top 10 benefits of having a SocialWally social media wall. Read them below:

1. Reach your offline audience

Active use of social media is key to creating conversations with your customers. But what about those who arent active online? SocialWally helps you reach out to all those offline customers and prospects. Show the world what you do online!

2. Stay informed

SocialWally shows your latest online updates, photos, presentations, social media stats and more. It publishes an innovative recap of your online activities. Passersby — employees or visitors — are always informed of what is happening online. 

3. Involve

By making your social media more visual, both offline viewers and the online public will become more involved. They immediately become a part of your online presence and will be stimulated to join the conversation.

4. Stimulate usage of social media

Present your followers’ tweets on SocialWally and get them excited to join the conversation. Joining pays off; new tweets will be shown within minutes. It is an innovative way to involve not only your customers, but also employees, visitors and stakeholders.

5. Show off counters

Besides publishing social media updates, SocialWally is also designed to easily communicate social media stats. Impress visitors with your number of Facebook fans, total number of tweets or Klout social media influence score.

6. Create conversations

Hanging a SocialWally at your office, store or elsewhere creates a huge eyecatcher. The SocialWally for your business or organization will absolutely stand out, creates buzz. All of a sudden you’re the subject of discussion which, of course, benefits your brand awareness.

7. Easy does it

Theres no need to consult expensive marketers anymore. Setting up your SocialWally is easy. Just follow the four steps, and that’s it! Youve got yourself a SocialWally.

8. Portable

To publish a SocialWally, all you need is a screen, a laptop or PC and an Internet connection. You can hang the screen anywhere you want — your company reception area, your store or at an event. SocialWally is easy to acces, everywhere you want!

9. More than social media

SocialWally goes beyond publishing your recent social media updates! There is also space to broadcast your company videos, presentations, reviews and more. With available apps like YouTube and Yelp, you can publish all the content of your liking. We keep updating our list of available apps, so if there’s a new popular social network launched, we’ll have it up and running on SocialWally as soon as possible.

10. Possibilities

We understand you might have a lot of posts, stats and photos you would like te show on your SocialWally. In order to prevent space shortage, SocialWally is also available in a Multi version. With this account you can create up to five social media screens filled with content to your liking. Do you require more space or have specific, custom wishes? Then SocialWally enterprise is the solution for you!

Interested in trying out SocialWally? Sign up for your 30-day free trial today, and experience the benefits of your own social media wall!

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