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A visual is worth a thousand words

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Nowadays, visual information appeals more than textual information. How come? People process visuals much easier and faster than they process textual information. This is one of the main reasons why apps like Pinterest and Instagram, which are mainly based on visual information, are going through the roof with their user rates. As turns out, we just love watching infographics, pictures, images, and film-clips. Apparently more than we like to read plain text such as corporate brochures.

Start broadcasting your visual gold mines

So how do you make your corporate information more appealing to your audience, visitors, and potential clients? By displaying your SocialWally in a prominent place within your business, you will make your social media updates visible to both customers and potential customers. They will see up-to-date check-ins, tweets, and pictures on a screen and can immediately respond. By adding company videos, presentations, and corporate film-clips to your SocialWally, you can give visitors a visual, and moreover engaging, introduction to your business. This will not only give people a quick impression of what your company does, but will also be more effective in getting people’s attention! SocialWally therefore helps you to present your business in a more exciting an enthusiastic way.

Are you interested in using SocialWally to appeal to your customers? Give our free trial a go and start broadcasting!

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