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Breakbulk Europe and Port of Antwerp both use SocialWally at 2014 Conference

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Two organizations used SocialWally last May at Breakbulk Europe 2014 to bring attention to their social media presences. Breakbulk Europe is the largest annual exhibition and educational forum for breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals. During the conference Breakbulk Europe used SocialWally to highlight their social media presence. Port of Antwerp also deployed the platform to show social conversations, statistics, and their company video. Two SocialWally employees were on location to check out SocialWally on their big screens.

Breakbulk Europe

Breakbulk Europe 2014 took place from May 12-15 in Antwerp, Belgium. Conference organizers used SocialWally to show live-tweets, Flickr photos and the corporate movie using a huge screen at the check-in booth. The screen alternated between the custom SocialWally and the Breakbulk corporate movie.

Our motto has always been: “the bigger the screen, the better.”Therefore, we were happy to see Breakbulk using a gigantic screen to show SocialWally. Waiting for check-in has never been so interesting!

BB entrance SW

Port of Antwerp

We were also excited to check out how the Port of Antwerp, a hub of global supply chains that offers a range of integrated marine and logistics services, was using SocialWally at Breakbulk Europe.

The Port’s booth had a very prominent spot –it was the first booth seen from the entrance. On the front of the booth, Port of Antwerp placed a huge screen that showed its SocialWally Multi. In addition, inside the booth there was a second screen showing SocialWally.

BB_Europe-21 BB_Europe-22

The Port’s marketing team used SocialWally to share the conversations they have with customers. They also showed their corporate film, photos of their core business and impressive social media stats.

With SocialWally Multi, they didn’t have to choose which social medium they wanted to display the most. Port of Antwerp used five alternating screens, showing different social content every few minutes.

It even had a custom-made wall around the SocialWally screens showing special hashtags and the Port of Antwerp Twitter username. Visitors could immediately join the conversation.

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