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Happy customer Bannerstunter

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Because we are very happy with our customers and their feedback, we would like to let our costumers take the floor and share their experiences about their SocialWally. This week Mr. Patrick Dammers from Bannerstunter talks about how they use SocialWally in their office.

‘’SocialWally is a fun and engaging way to broadcast our social media content and keeps us updated about what is going on online. We placed our SocialWally at a prominent place within our office for everyone to see. It’s fun for employees who work at the office to see pictures and posts from colleagues who are on the road for a client. Also, we get a lot of enthusiastic responses from clients who come to our office and see our SocialWally screen. We added all our social media channels to it so visitors will get a view of what Bannerstunter does. We definitely recommend our clients to start broadcasting their social media content and create their own SocialWally’’ – Mister P. Dammers from Bannerstunter.

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