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Happy customer Bentley Systems

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Because we are very happy with our customers and their feedback, we would like to let our costumers take the floor and share their experiences about their SocialWally. This week Mr. F. Conforti from Bentley Systems talks about how they use SocialWally for their business.

‘’We are very happy with our multi account from SocialWally! Bentley Systems is a big corporation with more than 3000 employees and offices at multiple locations. We use SocialWally in our conference rooms as a screensaver and also at the receptions. This way, employees get to see what happens online with Bentley Systems. SocialWally is also a great tool for our internal communication as it makes employees more involved with our company. And it actually works! Employees appreciate the up-to-date social media posts and even report to us when a SocialWally screen is not on. Furthermore, we go to a lot of fairs and events so this is a great way for us to demonstrate our online presence. It’s not only a fun tool to provide passengers with information about our company, but also works as a major eye-catcher. At these events, we receive a lot of positive reactions on our social media walls and that’s why we always try to place a SocialWally screen at our stand! – F. Conforti, Bentley Systems

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