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#Hashtags on #SocialWally

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Today, whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook, you simply cannot escape the #hashtag. A hashtag is a keyword or phrase accompanied by the symbol ‘#’. Basically, people include a hashtag in their social media posts to expand the reach of their messages. A hashtag makes your post accessible to all people with similar interests, even if they are not following you on social media. This makes the hashtag a very useful tool to reach potential prospects!

Use hashtags for your business

Strategic usage of hashtags has many advantages for your business. It creates an overview of social media messages of the same topic. Also, if you post a message with a hashtag, anyone who searches for that hashtag may find your post. Once someone clicks on that hashtag, they’ll be forwarded to a page that assembles all the posts with the same hashtag. For example, the hashtag #SocialWally on Twitter directs you to a page with all the tweets about SocialWally that contain our hashtag.

Add relevant hashtags to your SocialWally

SocialWally provides you with the opportunity to create your own social media wall and to broadcast up-to-date check-ins, tweets and posts on a big screen. Of course, SocialWally is aware of the power of hashtags! If you wish to share a certain hashtag used on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can enter the #hashtagname at the App settings in SocialWally and the customized stream will appear on your wall. This allows you to broadcast trending topics that contain interesting content about your business, sector or event!

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