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New YouTube functionalities in SocialWally

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

We’ve renewed the SocialWally YouTube app. We added new functionalities such as a mute option, stats viewer en thumbnails displayer. The options menu is now much more enhanced.

Mute option

The mute option puts a stop to all unpleasant noises. Video’s can easily be muted by clicking the mute option in the settings. Mute option SocialWally  


Another added feature is the statistics viewer. It is now possible to broadcast your YouTube stats on your Social Wally. The set-up is quickly realizable. First you select ‘stats’ in the settings. After doing this, you can decide which stats you want to show on your social wall. This can be the statistics of your company profile or the number of views on one of your video’s. The specific number of subscribers can also be displayed on your SocialWally. Youtube Stats SocialWally  


Another new functionality is the thumbs feature. This feature makes is possible to show multiple screenshots of your video’s on your Social Wally. These screenshots are automatically selected from your uploaded video’s. Thumbs SocialWally

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