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SocialWally: a real eyecatcher at events

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Almost on a daily basis business events are organized, and many companies are starting to see their participation as a marketing instrument. Often, companies attend events to introduce new products and/or services to increase brand awareness or to get in touch with potential new customers. If you have had the experience of attending an event, or you are about to present your business at one of these events soon, you’re probably familiar with the challenge that many exhibitors face: How do you ensure that your stand attracts attention, and how do you increase interaction with your brand?

Get attention

Grabbing people’s attention while standing at a fair, conference, or event is not simple. This is especially true when you are not the only one trying to represent your business and you are faced with dozens, or even hundreds, of other companies competing with you. The golden rule seems to be: the more creative, the better! If there is something fun to do or see on your stand, it will attract the biggest crowd. SocialWally provides you with a user-friendly and innovative solution to increase interaction between, and with, your visitors and potential clients. Besides broadcasting updates from your business’ social networks, you can also choose to display reviews or video clips about your company.

The result

Because SocialWally broadcasts your companies’ activities on social media on a big screen, your organization is suddenly the talk of the fair! SocialWally works as a real eye-catcher, making people stop at your stand to have a better look. While they are standing there staring at your screen, the opportunity arises to start a nice conversation. Also, SocialWally ensures that people engage with your brand in a fun way by displaying at-the-moment check-ins, posts and tweets. This way, you are not just one of the companies at the fair; you are that company with the entertaining and informative stand!

Interested in trying SocialWally at your stand? Sign up for your 30-day free trial today, and experience the benefits of your own social media wall!

Have you tried SocialWally at a fair or another event before, or is your business using SocialWally regularly at such events? We are always on the lookout for stories and experiences from customers! Click here to contact us.

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