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SocialWally motivates your colleagues to use social media

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Everything you share online is public. Anybody around the world can see your photo of breakfast on Instagram and your tweet about the never-ending lines in the supermarket. It’s a proven fact that many people like to share their lives with friends and acquaintances on social media. But imagine if all the social shares of your colleagues also appear at a screen at the office. This will motivate them to try harder to share valuable content! Enter SocialWally If you decide to hang your SocialWally in the office, you can also broadcast the social activity of your colleagues. As we pointed out before, this is a great way to increase the social activity of your associates. It will also increase accountability, ensuring that they will try harder to create valuable posts when they know they will be shown to all of their colleagues in public. From inactive to active Some colleagues might not have a clue about all the different social media networks. It’s possible they don’t have any accounts, or they just use it to peak at the messages their friends share. Thanks to SocialWally this can change pretty suddenly. Associates will get motivated to get active online because their colleagues will start chatting about the activity they see on the social wall. Social sharing When more and more of your colleagues get active on social media, they will start to react and share more of your social company pages. This will create more interactivity and make it more likely that your target group(s) will participate on social media, too. That might have been the number one reason why you wanted a SocialWally in the first place – to get more associates involved on social media. Do you want to try SocialWally yourself? Try it out free for 30 days.

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