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SocialWally: Start broadcasting your social media.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Show the real world what you do online! Involve your employees, visitors and customers in online activities. In just a few minutes you’ll complete the four easy steps to broadcast your very own social wall.  socialwally1 Businesses are constantly communicating through a variety of social networks to reach their customers with interesting updates. Interaction is critical to online success, and enthusiasm is key to reaching that goal. In order to maintain communication, interaction and enthusiasm, SocialWally offers an affordable solution, and it’s really simple to get started.

What is SocialWally?

SocialWally lets you share timelines, show company videos, and make slideshows from more than 18 social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp and Prezi. Thanks to SocialWally it is possible to display your social media presence in your office, shop, waiting room, or at events. SocialWally’s counters make it easy to communicate your number of followers, likes or other impressive facts. It is an effective way of getting higher involvement and more interaction with online and offline target groups. example 5 hi res

This is what SocialWally will do for you

By showing recent updates you will urge fans to join the conversation. New updates will be seen within minutes. Using SocialWally is not only informative; it’s also fun! Have you started using a new social network? WallyLabs, the creators of SocialWally, frequently release updates with new features and social networks. Your social wall is always up to date.

A worldwide success

SocialWally is a worldwide success. Vodafone, Sony, Logicalis, Caterpillar, Four Seasons and Ebay are just a few SocialWally users that are pleased with the product. “We started to use SocialWally for one of our events, but with its flexibility to design our own custom SocialWally boards, we decided to use them in our office too” says ING Bank’s online marketer. “Our business social media is now shared with our employees. Content is created by the team, and there is far more interaction.” socialwally2

Get SocialWally up and running

SocialWally is cloud-based software. All you need to get going on SocialWally is a decent screen and a good connection to the internet. Building a SocialWally takes just a few minutes and four steps: Customize, Edit Content, Preview and Publish. Customize the look of your social wall by adjusting the colors to your liking and adding your logo. Next, add the social networks that you’re active on, preview your wall, and publish it on your screen. After publishing your social wall, you can easily edit the content and rearrange your social wall to highlight the most important social network. SocialWally is available in both Single (1 screen) and Multi (up to 5 screens). Want to start sharing and interacting? I recommend you check out to get started on your ultimate social media wall. They provide a free 30-day trial. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose.

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