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Start customizing: How to make the best SocialWally Screen

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

As social media have proven their effectiveness as a marketing tool, more and more businesses are constantly communicating through a variety of social networks to reach their customers with interesting updates. Interaction is critical for gaining online success, and enthusiasm is key to reaching that goal! In order to keep communication, interaction and enthusiasm going, SocialWally offers an affordable solution. And it’s really simple to get started! But how do you make the perfect SocialWally screen?   Add your social media You can choose to add various social media networks to the blocks of your SocialWally screen. Popular networks that are used by SocialWally users include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Furthermore, you can choose to add social networks like LinkedIn, Yammer and Pinterest. By broadcasting the number of followers or by adding interesting corporate videos to your social media screen, you can show employees and visitors what is being said about your business online! Customize your Social Wally Besides a wide choice of social networks, you can change the layout of your SocialWally screen and customize according to your own style. For example, you can devote a big space within your screen to Instagram photos or a YouTube introduction video of your business. By filling the remaining space with the number of your followers, recent check-ins or the latest updates of your business’ social media accounts, you can give visitors an impression of your online network. SocialWally also allows you to customize your social media screen with different background colors and has the possibility to add your corporate logo. This gives you a nicely stocked SocialWally screen with interesting and engaging content! In just four easy steps you can fully customize your SocialWally according to your own style. Do you want us to customize your SocialWally in your style? No problem! Feel free to contact us about this (link). Do you want to try SocialWally yourself? Try it out free for 30 days.

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