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Target group Millennials and SocialWally; a visual marriage

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram; the possibilities to promote your business online are endless. Also, the pool of social media channels to choose from still continue to grow. But where do you start? Which social network works best at reaching your target group and what are your options? In this blog, we help you choose the right social networks for your SocialWally in order to reach the customers you want to reach. The target audience that we focus on today: the Millennials (age 18 – 34).

Millennials as target audience

Many companies are focusing on the Millennials. This generation is not only known for being highly educated and the fastest consuming part of our society, but they are also the most active online. 76% of this group is using their smartphone several hours per day and over 90% is active on various social media. Social media marketing is therefore an effective tool to reach these people. Furthermore, Millennials love visual content! This is the reason why social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are doing so well with this group. Besides the fact that they like to look at pictures and videos, they also seem to be responsible for a great deal of the production of this content. 81% appears to regularly post photographs or videos and the now well-known ‘selfies’ on these social media.

Popular social media

Thus, for reaching the Millennials, the ideal SocialWally at least contains Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These apps make your SocialWally a real eyecatcher for this specific target group! You can fully customize your own social media wall by broadcasting Facebook posts or photos from your business account or from other relevant followers. The Pinterest app in SocialWally allows you to broadcast any user image or a board about a certain. With Instagram, you can choose to show your own pictures or to add relevant hashtags to your SocialWally.

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