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Three spots for your SocialWally to catch the eye

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

With SocialWally it is easy to make a social wall, to display all of your company’s social media presences on one screen. By publishing tweets, check-ins, photos and messages, you will surely impress your visitors. SocialWally is also an easy way to attract and engage your fans.

To become a real eye-catcher, your SocialWally deserves a good spot within your business. We would like to suggest some locations where your SocialWally will give the best results. Still doubting whether you should have this innovative social media broadcasting tool? Read below:

Social working: SocialWally @ the office

Hang your SocialWally at a prominent place in the office. You might consider the canteen, or even better, the entrance. Find a spot where your SocialWally will steal the show. Give it it’s own audience. By displaying your social media to all of your colleagues and visitors, you will show them how active you are online. In return they will get more involved and enthusiastic. They might even start becoming more active online themselves. Perhaps they will start thinking about great ideas to boost your online activities, which will certainly provide you with more publicity. 

Create an additional eye-catcher

Customers come to your shop or showroom every day. However, when they are there, they have no clue about what’s going on online. By hanging your SocialWally near the counter, or maybe even in the fitting rooms, they will notice your social media broadcasting tool right away. We can assure you that every customer will look at it, and some will even check your online presence out immediately. It will be a fantastic surprise if they see their own tweets appear on the screen, standing right in front of it.

Steal the show at any event

If you participate in an event, you want to make sure you get noticed. SocialWally helps you steal the show every time. Most events are crowded, and it’s hard to get people’s attention. On days like these, many tweets, check-ins and photos are shared online, but none of the visitors really sees what’s going on online. You can create the perfect SocialWally to stream the messages you like on the social networks you like. It will attract visitors to your stand — not only because it looks cool, but also because people are curious about what is being said about the event and who else is attending. While they are standing there staring at your screen next to your stand, you might as well speak to them.

Interested in trying out SocialWally? Sign up for your 30-day free trial today, and experience the benefits of your own social media wall!.

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