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Your employees as brand ambassadors with SocialWally

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Organizations and businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media and hiring social media managers to publish information about the organization. Besides these owned media, whereby the organization creates its own content, consumers are also talking about your organization or brand online. This is called earned media. Social media provides an effective way to create dialogue about products, services, and organizational activities.

The power of your employees

Another important — and often underestimated — actor in the external communication of an organization is the employee. Who? That’s right. Your employees! Your colleagues will consciously and unconsciously disseminate information about their work activities and jobs. We call these employees “underestimated actors” because not everyone is aware of the influence that employees can have on the brand’s online presence. Research shows that one-third of employees spread content on social media about their employers, the job or products and services of the organization.

How will SocialWally help you?

Now that you know your employees are capable of strengthening your brand, it is time to strategically make use of these resources. Instead of losing valuable content, you can broadcast this on a SocialWally screen in your office or store. By displaying the social media activities of your employees on a SocialWally screen, you can show colleagues, customers, and visitors what people are saying about your organization or brand at that very moment! It will also ensure that employees will try harder to create valuable posts about your business. After all, it will not only be viewed in the personal news feeds of friends, but also in the workplace on the SocialWally screen.

SocialWally offers a unique solution to combine interaction, communication, and enthusiasm in a quick and simple manner. In just four easy steps, you can customize and install the social media platforms of your choice, creating your social wall with fun and exciting content!

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